Wedding Cake Live Resin THCA Diamonds
Wedding Cake Live Resin THCA Diamonds

Wedding Cake Live Resin THCA Diamonds

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Size: 1 Gram
1 Gram
3.5 Gram Baller Jar
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Wedding Cake Live Resin THCA Diamonds

What are Wedding Cake Live Resin THCA Diamonds:

Wedding Cake Live Resin THCA Diamonds are THCA Diamonds infused with Live Resin, to add an element of the entourage effect and terpenes to your THCA Diamonds.


Discover Hemp-Derived THCA Diamonds

Unveil the essence of refinement with our hemp-derived THCA Diamonds. Derived from premium hemp, these crystalline structures embody a nearly pure form of Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), showcasing the epitome of hemp concentrate innovation. When enticed with heat, the THCA metamorphoses into a potent THC-dominant concentrate, marking a new era of hemp-derived concentrates tailored for the connoisseurs.


Why Choose Our Hemp-Derived THCA Diamonds?

Embark on a voyage of unparalleled purity and potency with our THCA Diamonds. Originating from meticulously cultivated hemp, these gems are not just a feast for the eyes but a boon for those in pursuit of potent therapeutic relief. Holding 99% refined THCA, even a minuscule diamond embodies more potency than a gram of traditional cannabis flower. Seize the opportunity to elevate your cannabis sojourn with this distinguished hemp-derived THCA concentrate.



THCA Diamonds captivate with a semi-transparent, solid crystal structure, resembling gemstones. Whether nestled within the extract known as sauce or as isolated crystals, they're ready to harmonize with flower or other concentrates, creating a personalized cannabis symphony.


How to Enjoy THCA Diamonds:

Dabble with dabbing on a rig, savor the vaporized essence, or mingle them with cannabis flower, THCA Diamonds offer a versatile yet potent avenue to elevate your cannabis experience. New to THCA Diamonds? Our Hemp Hop associates stand ready to guide you on a journey of exploration with this unique hemp-derived concentrate.

Embark on a deeper exploration of hemp-derived THCA Diamonds at your local Hemp Hop dispensary, and delve into our learning center for a treasure trove of cannabis knowledge awaiting your discovery.


Wedding Cake THCA Diamond Cannabinoids:

TOTAL CBD: 0.72%
TOTAL THC: 82.84%
THCa: 94.13%

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Just as described

Chunky diamonds in live resin sauce just as described. Really nice taste on the lr and the diamonds did what thca diamonds tend to do which is knock you out lol.