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100% Hemp Derived. Gluten-free, allergen-free, vegan, and kosher.

Delta-8 THC Gummies

Full panel tested.

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Full Spectrum Concentrate

Live Resin, Wax, Delta-8 Sauce, Rosin, Isolates, & more!

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Preroll Joints
Premium Artisanal Prerolleds


2 grams of top shelf flower rolled in a king palm wrap, covered in Delta-8 THC using a solvent-free method, then rolled in dry sift kief

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Top Shelf Flower
Hemp Hop exclusive! Cannabinoid enhanced flower. Prize nugs, Wax, & Isolate.


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Same Day Cannabis Delivery
Hemp Hop


Hemp delivery straight to your door within the hour! Delivery locations in Charlotte, NC and Central Florida.

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Hemp Hop Products

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Hemp Hop Products

Quality Comes First

Hemp Hop started because of the significant experience with a family member. In 2014, after sourcing CBD capsules, he noticed some relief in different areas. Today he is a healthy, happy person.

The delivery service was started to ensure these hemp products get to other families as well. We aim to create and sell quality, affordable products for everyone.

Lovely Customers


“This is the best hemp flower I've gotten, I'm just amazed you can order stuff like this off the internet."

Matt US


“Hemp Hop is definitely a 5 star vendor. Price, service, great site, in depth information, selection, it's all here. The Bordeaux was great. Dense resinous buds.”

The Muff US


"It’s lit. The best by far. I want more!"

MiaMoon US

Thanks for your help

“I just wanted to thank you for the impeccable service from you and your staff...I will always look forward to shopping at your store.”

Zeferino G. US

Exclusive Smoking Experience

“Just like Jimi Hendrix and the Experience. experiencing the taste and high quality nature of this CBD had made me appreciate this company for what they do and provide greatly.”

Chris US

🔥 ⛽

"Best CBD flower I have ever smoked I check back once a day to see if it's restocked when it is buying em out!!!"

Savage J US

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