Naturally, due to similarities in appearance to illegal marijuana, the most common questions or concerns we receive are this: Is it legal to ship Hemp flower? Will my package be seized? Will I be harassed by law enforcement and be treated as criminal?

The answer:

It is legal to ship Hemp flower across the United States to all states as of the 2018 Farm Bill.

To remove all doubt, you must first take a moment for education.

On November 8th, 2018, a major precedent was set in the case KAB, LLC vs United States Postal Service. A package was seized containing legal industrial hemp material. The United States Postal Service was taken to court and defeated. Through a Final Agency Decision, Judge Shapiro confirmed Hemp derived CBD products are indeed mailable. Any seized packages were returned to their rightful owners.

You do not have to count on our word for it, if you still carry any of these concerns, please read the full details of this case directly from the United States Postal Service.


All of our flower products are shipped with a letter to Law enforcement/USPS outlining the contents contained in the package, the lab results on packaging, and references to contact. You are not at risk, you will not be harassed, and you certainly are not breaking the law. 

For further questions about the legality of Hemp/CBD, feel free to visit