At Hemp Hop, we're focused on providing high-quality products at an affordable price. We like collaborating with other like-minded companies to supply high-quality products to their consumers as well. Wholesale pricing is available on the majority of our product ranges.

Here are some of our products available for purchase in bulk:

Our Wholesale Products


Award-winning and top-tier concentrates from Hemp Hop. CBG concentrates and isolates are available. Isolates, Temple Ball Hash, Sauce, Distillate Wax, Live Resins, Rosin, and more products are available now or will be available soon at our dispensary.


These are Hemp goods that are top of the line in their area. These items are usually available in limited numbers.


Delta-8 gummies,  prerolls, flower, concentrates, vapes, and more are available.

Teas and Edibles

From local partnerships and well-established manufacturers come delectable chocolates, gummies, and spicy sauce! Every kind of CBD product is available, including CBD teas, CBD coffee, hemp honey, and energy drink mix.


All of the flowers are cultivated organically or in hydroponic systems. Many of our farms utilize innovative farming techniques, and the majority of our flower is grown indoors or in greenhouses. 

Pre-rolled flower

You can get pre-rolled high CBD hemp flowers in different forms, including Joints, Cigars, Kief Blunts, Joints, and more. Instead of the traditional method of using shake and trim, we utilize small buds that we shred to create all of our prerolled products at Hemp Hop. 

Tincture, Capsules, and RSO

CBD hemp tincture of superior quality is available in a range of flavors and sizes. 

Vape Products

Each one of our Hemp Hop vapes is created with just two ingredients: high-grade extract and terpenes extracted from cannabis.

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