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Hemp Extract / Concentrate Storage

With our recent launch of our concentrate line, many of you may be wondering the best way to store your new extracts and concentrates. If that’s the case - this article is just for you!


Different concentrates last longer in different containers. Most shatter will get stuck in glass jars, while live resins are much easier to scoop out of glass jars. For short-term storage, a silicone jar will do the trick. This is one of the most versatile containers because you can get any type of consistency on and off of it fairly easily. Parchment paper is also an ideal short-term way to store concentrates such as shatter.


We believe the best way to maintain the life of your concentrates and extracts is to store them in an appliance such as a Curidor. A Curidor is a specialized climate control system that provides storage and preserves potency, terpenes, and helps maintain color. The storage temperature recommendations are 42-52 ̊ F or 5-12 ̊ C for concentrates.