Sun Run

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Size: 1g - Type II High THCa
1g - Type II High THCa
3.5g - Type II High THCa
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Product description

What is Sun Run Strain?

Dive into the vibrant essence of Sun Run, a meticulously engineered strain that combines the best of potency and flavor in a compact, resilient form. Created with the vision of crafting a 2:1 citrusy genotype, Sun Run stands as a testament to expert breeding, showcasing a short, stout stature that’s bursting with character. One of our terpiest lines, Orange Sunrise, lends its rich flavors to the mix, while White Runtz contributes its heavy THC content, resulting in a strain that's as potent as it is flavorful.


*discounted due to seeds in some buds

    Sun Run Type II Strain Cannabinoids

    • CBD: 12.80%
    • THCA: 6.79%
    • Total Cannabinoids: 22.89%
    • Terpenes: 1.56%

      Sun Run Strain Terpene Profile

      • Myrcene (0.37%)
      • Caryophyllene (0.48%)
      • Limonene (0.15%)

      Sun Run CBD THCA Strain Effects

      The Sun Run strain embarks users on an exhilarating journey, characterized by a vibrant burst of euphoria and an awakening of creativity. This citrus-forward hybrid delivers an uplifting and invigorating high that enhances sensory experiences, making colors seem brighter and moments more engaging. Despite its potency, the experience is marked by a gentle relaxation that soothes without leading to sedation, allowing for productivity and social interaction. Ideal for both daytime exploration and evening relaxation, Sun Run is a versatile strain that meets a wide array of needs, from sparking creative insights to easing the mind into a state of calm alertness.

      Genotype:  Sun Run (Orange Sunrise x White Runtz)

      Phenotype: Sun Run

      Hemp Flower contains less than .3% Delta 9 THC

      For Adult Use Only

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Paul O'Brien
      Very nice

      Very nice relaxing feeling, can't complain, cheers.

      Evan Schmidt
      Sensitive to THC(A)

      This strain is a 2:1 and that and it being on sale is why I picked it. I use a couple puffs only and this one contrary to the description a more intense heady euphoria. It felt great for the body, no aches or pains. Put me in a great mood but I was unable to function at a high level for the first 30-60 minutes due to the head high. This would be better for relaxing after a long day or casual activities.