cherry chocolate chip cbd strain
cherry chocolate chip cbd strain
cherry chocolate chip cbd strain
Indoor Cherry Chocolate Chip
Indoor Cherry Chocolate Chip

Indoor Cherry Chocolate Chip

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Size: 1g
1g Joint
Product description

What is Cherry Chocolate Chip Strain?

Looking for a new, delicious strain to add to your rotation? Look no further than Cherry Chocolate Chip! This tantalizing hybrid is a cross between the legendary Kush Hemp and Cherry Wine, and it's absolutely exquisite. Grown indoors hydroponically, this strain boasts some seriously pungent buds that are sticky with olive hues throughout. When you blaze up the Cherry Chocolate Chip, you'll be met with a deep chocolate hashish aroma with a cherry undertone that is simply divine. 

It is uniquely high in the terpene Myrcene (1.28%), Limonene (0.35%), and Linalool (0.31%).  

Don't miss out on this one - it's sure to become a fast favorite!

Cherry Chocolate Chip Strain Cannabinoids

  • CBD: 15.30%
  • Total Cannabinoids: 19.95%
  • Terpenes: 2.29%
  • CBDVA: 0.59%

Cherry Chocolate Chip Terpene Profile

  • Myrcene (1.28%)
  • Limonene (0.35%)
  • Linalool (0.31%)

Cherry Chocolate Chip CBD Strain Effects

This hybrid is the perfect balance of calm and uplifting, making it perfect for any situation. The ease provided by this strain will have you feeling relaxed and at peace in no time. 

So why not indulge in a little Cherry Chocolate Chip today? You won't regret it!

Genotype:  Cherry Chocolate Chip (Kush Hemp x Cherry Wine)

Phenotype: Cherry Chocolate Chip seed run, 2-3 significant expressions

Cultivated in-house by Hemp Hop

Hemp Flower contains less than .3% Delta 9 THC and is Non-Psychoactive 

For Adult Use Only

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Customer Reviews

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Amazing ! Impeccable

Like the title says this strain is impeccable…. From the perfect cure , the super fluffy sticky buds (as Og should be ) to the irresistible Pungent OG kush nose …. This is true kush hemp . closest to the real deal I have found 🙏🏼 Thank y’all so much hemp hop from bringing true quality cbd to the market (: