blackberry gleaux cbd weed strain

Indoor Blackberry Gleaux

Size: 1g Joint
1g Joint
Product description

What is Blackberry Gleaux Strain?

Looking for a delicious and exotic new strain to try? Blackberry Gleaux is the perfect choice! Bred by High Alpine Genetics, this unique strain is grown hydroponically indoors, resulting in wonderfully sticky flowers with beautiful purple hues throughout. 

And the best part? 

The terpene profile is reminiscent of dark cherries and lavender, for a truly unforgettable taste experience. 

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Blackberry Gleaux Strain Cannabinoids

  • CBD: 17.00%
  • Total Cannabinoids:  21.66%
  • Terpenes: 2.31%

Blackberry Gleaux Terpene Profile

  • Myrcene (1.34%)
  • Caryophyllene (0.25%)
  • Limonene (0.24%)

Blackberry Gleaux Weed CBD Strain Effects

This indica strain has a delicious cherries and lavender flavor and aroma, and its effects are just as pleasant. You can expect to feel a sense of ease and calmness wash over you, making it the perfect strain for unwinding after a long day. Whether you enjoy it in the evening or at night, Blackberry Gleaux is sure to leave you feeling relaxed and content.

Genotype: Blackberry Gleaux (Berry Blossom x Alpen Gleaux)

Genetics by: High Alpine Genetics

Hemp Flower contains less than .3% Delta 9 THC and is Non-Psychoactive 

For Adult Use Only

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