atlant cbd hemp flower strain
Atlant Indoor CBD Hemp Flower
Atlant Indoor CBD Hemp Flower Lab result COA Cannabinoids
Atlant Indoor CBD Hemp Flower Lab Result Terpenes

Indoor Atlant

Size: 1g Joint
1g Joint
Product description

What is Atlant Strain?

Looking for a delicious and exotic new strain to add to your collection? Try the Atlant Strain! These beautiful buds are grown in living soil indoors, using only the finest Spanish (EU) genetics. The result is a stunning plant with frosty olive-tinted buds and amber pistols. 

The flavor is out of this world, with a sweet cherry profile enhanced by rich chocolate notes. Whether you're enjoying it on its own or sharing it with friends, Atlant Strain is sure to please. So don't wait any longer, order your own batch today!

Don't miss out on this one - it's sure to become a fast favorite!

Atlant Strain Cannabinoids

  • CBD: 12.75%
  • CBL: 1.58%
  • Total Cannabinoids: 15.91%
  • Terpenes: 1.29%

Atlant Strain Terpene Profile

  • Myrcene (0.31%)
  • Terpinolene (0.14%)
  • Ocimene (0.09%)

Atlant Strain CBD Strain Effects

The Atlant Strain is the perfect hybrid for those looking for a calm and relaxing experience. With its unique mix of indica and sativa, this strain offers relief from stress  while providing a calming effect on the body. 

The Atlant Strain is perfect for anyone looking for a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

Genotype:  Atlant

Phenotype: Atlant

Breeder: VIP Seeds (Spain)

Hemp Flower contains less than .3% Delta 9 THC and is Non-Psychoactive 

For Adult Use Only

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