Garlic Budder

Size: 1g - Type 1 THCa
1g Joint
1g - Type 1 THCa
3.5g - Type 1 THCa
7g - Type 1 THCa
28g - Type I THCa
Product description

What is Garlic Budder Strain?

Garlic Budder is an indica-dominant hybrid renowned for its unique flavor and potent effects, resulting from a well-executed cross between GMO and Fortune Cookie strains. As a standout in the world of savory cannabis varieties, Garlic Budder combines the pungent, spicy essence of garlic with buttery and nutty undertones. This strain is celebrated not only for its aromatic richness but also for its dense buds that are dripping with trichomes, indicating its strong potency. Originating from a lineage well-versed in both garlic and cannabis breeding, Garlic Budder showcases a remarkable genetic profile that made it a highlight of a 2019 phenotype mega-hunt.

Garlic Budder Terpenes

The terpene profile of Garlic Budder is rich and complex, led by caryophyllene, which provides a spicy, peppery foundation that enhances the strain's inherent garlicky notes. Linalool contributes floral and lavender undertones, adding a layer of calm and relaxation to the sensory experience. Limonene rounds out the profile with a burst of citrus, bringing a refreshing lift to the otherwise earthy and savory aroma. This trio of terpenes not only defines Garlic Budder’s unique taste but also contributes to its therapeutic effects, making it a sought-after choice for those who appreciate a potent, flavorful cannabis experience.

    Garlic Budder Strain Cannabinoids

    • THCA: 22.34%
    • Total Cannabinoids: 23.94%
    • D9-THC: 0.27%

      Garlic Budder THCA Strain Effects

      Garlic Budder delivers a potent body high characteristic of indica-dominant hybrids, offering deep relaxation coupled with a euphoric buzz. The initial cerebral lift is often followed by a soothing calm that can leave users feeling blissfully sedated, making it ideal for evening use. Its effects on mood and physical comfort make Garlic Budder effective for managing symptoms of stress, chronic pain, and insomnia. This combination of relaxing and euphoric properties makes Garlic Budder a versatile strain for both recreational enjoyment and medicinal benefit.

      Genotype: Garlic Budder (GMO x Fortune Cookie)

      Phenotype: Garlic Budder

      Hemp Flower contains less than .3% Delta 9 THC

      For Adult Use Only

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