asteroids® cannabinoid enhanced flower
Asteroids - CBD hemp flower rolled in distillate and isolate
Asteroids - CBD hemp flower rolled in distillate and isolate
Asteroids - CBD hemp flower rolled in distillate and isolate
Asteroids® cannabinoid enhanced flower lab results
Asteroids CBD Distillate and Isolate Lab Results
CBD Asteroids Terpene Results

Asteroids® - Cannabinoid Enhanced Flower

Strain: Tropical Blast
Tropical Blast
Mustard Berry
Wedding Cake
Gorilla Cake
Bubba Kush
Electric Buffalo
Forbidden V
Grape Eraser
Doomsday Diesel
Sour Suver Haze
Product description

Asteroids® - Cannabinoid Enhanced Flower

Asteroids are premium nugs of cannabis flower that have been dipped in distillate and then rubbed with CBD isolate. These asteroids are packed with CBD and cannabinoids, making them a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Terpenes add an extra dimension of flavor and aroma to these asteroids, making them even more enjoyable.

Available in 3.5 gram jars.  

Asteroids® Cannabinoids

  • CBD: 75.25%
  • Cannabinoids: 76.75%
  • Terpenes: 0.75%

*This product is low in THC, high in CBD. The effects are of a potent calming and motivating effect. It will NOT get you "high". For a product higher in THC try the Delta-8 Comets or Delta-8 Prerolleds

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Joshua Ballard
Right where I need to be

This got me right where I needed to be with 4 hits on a bowl. I see lots of people complaing about the price not me you get what you pay for and this company is all about their QUALITY. More purchases in the future.

Alexander Rios
very fast no delays.

I'm very impressed.

Terrible product

I recently bought this product because I saw a good review. I tried it and it’s terrible. I feel zero effect from it and would never purchase this product again. Beware, they will not offer refund.

Colten Cummings

I’ve tried almost everything from Hemp Hop. Just got this today and I can say it’s the best. Better than anything else. I got the moonrocks and hash today as well. I’ve not tried the moonrocks just yet. Asteroid came in and it looked like I got shorted so I went and got scales to make sure and well...looks can be deceiving. It was on point. The only thing is I wish they could get the price down on this. I’d buy a lot more, but at 20 a g it’s just too much. Plus there is no deal on the more quantity you buy.