What is Live Resin? Your Gateway to Cannabis Flavor

by Aman Kodwani on Dec 09, 2023

What is Live Resin? Your Gateway to Cannabis Flavor


Live resin has swiftly emerged as a frontrunner in the world of cannabis concentrates, captivating enthusiasts with its rich aroma and unparalleled flavor profile.

Unlike traditional extracts, live resin captures the essence of fresh cannabis plants, offering a more authentic and potent experience. Its unique extraction process, which involves flash-freezing the plant immediately after harvest, sets it apart from other concentrates.

This method preserves the plant's intricate terpene profile, resulting in a product that's as close to the natural plant as possible.

As the cannabis community continues to evolve, live resin stands out, marking a new era of consumption. In this article, we'll delve into its origins, unique characteristics, benefits, and much more.


History and Origin of Live Resin

The journey of live resin began relatively recently, around 2013, marking it as a novel entrant in the cannabis world. Its inception can be credited to two pioneering individuals: William “Kind Bill” Fenger and Jason “Giddy Up” Emo.

These innovators recognized the potential of preserving the fresh aromas and flavors of cannabis, which often diminish during the traditional drying and curing processes.

Their collaborative efforts led to the development of a unique extraction technique that prioritized the preservation of the plant's terpenes. This groundbreaking method laid the foundation for what we now celebrate as live resin, a testament to their vision and expertise.


What Makes Live Resin Unique?

Live resin stands out in the vast landscape of cannabis concentrates, and its distinction lies primarily in its meticulous extraction process. Instead of relying on dried and cured cannabis, live resin employs fresh plants that are immediately flash-frozen post-harvest.

This rapid freezing technique ensures that the plant's intricate terpene profile, responsible for its aroma and flavor, remains intact. By bypassing the traditional curing and drying phases, live resin retains a richness that mirrors the fresh cannabis plant, both in aroma and potency.

The term "live" in its name isn't merely a marketing gimmick; it genuinely encapsulates the essence of the product. It signifies the preservation of the plant's "live" or fresh characteristics, offering consumers an experience that's as close to the natural essence of the cannabis plant as possible.


Benefits of Live Resin

Rich Flavor and Aromatic Profile

One of the most celebrated attributes of live resin is its unparalleled flavor and aroma. Unlike many other concentrates, live resin captures the full essence of the cannabis plant, offering a sensory experience that's both intense and authentic.

Preservation of Terpenes

Central to live resin's allure is its preservation of terpenes, the natural compounds responsible for the distinct aromas and flavors in cannabis. The flash-freezing method ensures that these delicate compounds remain unaltered, resulting in a product that closely mirrors the fresh plant's profile.

A Comparative Look at Terpene Loss

When compared to other cannabis products, the superiority of live resin becomes apparent. Traditional extraction methods, which involve curing and drying, often result in a substantial loss of terpenes. In fact, many products lose almost 55% of their terpenes during these processes. Live resin, with its innovative approach, drastically reduces this loss, ensuring a richer terpene profile.

The Significance of Terpenes

Terpenes play a pivotal role in defining the character of cannabis. Beyond their aromatic contributions, they influence the overall experience of the user. Their presence in live resin not only enhances flavor but also ensures a more holistic and enriched cannabis experience.


The Extraction Process

Step 1: Immediate Freezing

Immediately after harvesting, the cannabis plant is flash-frozen. This crucial step ensures that the plant's terpenes and cannabinoids are preserved, maintaining the fresh characteristics of the plant.

Step 2: Solvent Selection

For the extraction, specific solvents are chosen, most commonly butane, propane, or butane hash oil (BHO). These solvents play a pivotal role in extracting the desired compounds from the frozen plant material.

Step 3: Extraction

Using the chosen solvent, the compounds are extracted from the plant. This process captures the essence of the fresh cannabis, resulting in a concentrate rich in terpenes and cannabinoids.

Expertise and Challenges

Producing live resin isn't a straightforward task. It demands a deep understanding of the extraction process and specialized equipment.

The challenge lies in ensuring the preservation of the plant's profile while avoiding any degradation. Only skilled professionals, equipped with the right tools and knowledge, can achieve the desired quality and consistency of live resin.


Different Forms and Uses of Live Resin

Varieties of Live Resin

Live resin, with its versatile nature, can be found in several forms:

  • Wax: A soft, malleable concentrate.
  • Butter: Creamy in texture, resembling the consistency of butter.
  • Crumbles: A drier form that can easily crumble.
  • Shatter: A hard, glass-like concentrate that can shatter upon impact.

Methods of Consumption

  • Dabbing: One of the most popular methods, where live resin is heated on a hot surface and the vapors are inhaled.
  • Vaping: Using vape pens or cartridges filled with live resin.
  • Bowls or Joints: Live resin can be sprinkled on flowers before smoking, enhancing the flavor and potency.


Storage Recommendations

To maintain its quality, live resin should be stored in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight.

For prolonged storage, consider using silicon containers as live resin doesn't stick to them easily. Some even recommend refrigeration to preserve its aromatic profile and potency.


Live Resin vs. Other Cannabis Products

Live Resin vs. Dabs

While both are concentrates, dabs refer to a general method of consumption, whereas live resin specifies a product extracted from fresh-frozen cannabis, retaining a richer terpene profile.

Live Resin vs. Distillate

Distillates are pure THC and cannabinoids, often devoid of terpenes. In contrast, live resin preserves the plant's natural terpenes, offering a fuller flavor.

Live Resin vs. Rosin

Both derive from fresh plants, but rosin uses heat and pressure for extraction, while live resin employs solvents like butane.

Live Resin vs. Sauce

Sauce can be made from cured buds, whereas live resin exclusively uses fresh-frozen material.

Live Resin vs. Shatter

Shatter has a hard, brittle consistency with fewer terpenes. Live resin, with its solvent-based extraction, retains a higher terpene content, offering a more aromatic experience.



Live resin stands as a testament to innovation in the cannabis world, offering unparalleled flavor and aroma due to its unique extraction process.

Its rich terpene profile sets it apart, promising an authentic experience. We encourage enthusiasts to explore this exceptional concentrate and discover what resonates with their palate. Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

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