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Vape Cartridge - Tropical Blast

Vape Cartridge - Tropical Blast

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Pixel Pour Carts are CBD Vape Cartridges made with Tropical Blast Custom Blended Terpene-Based Flavor. Our unique terpene blends give you flavors inspired by classic cannabis strains for a delicious taste like no other. If you have enjoyed High Terp Isolate or Pixel Pour Slabs you will love these terpy vapes!  Made with 99% CBD Isolate and no other cannabinoids. These carts are a beta release and are susceptible to crystallization. We are tuning the formula to fix this issue! Please do not leave in hot places like your car—this will damage the seal on your vape cart.

Make sure to set your vape battery on the lowest heat setting. We suggest using our CCell Palm batteries for their low temp that is perfect for vaping PhytoResin and other extracts with delicate terpenes.  

Cannabinoid Contents:

  • 1ml cart = 658 mg CBD
  • .5ml cart = 329mg CBD


  • Infused with custom blended terpene based flavors.
  • Made with 99% CBD Isolate
  • This is not a “full spectrum” product
  • 510 Threaded Cart fits with many different batteries.
  • Ceramic heating element provides ideal heat and a smooth hit.
  • Ceramic mouthpiece.


Tropical Blast has a sweet flavor with a blast of that yummy orange popsicle taste. It’s less tangy than our previous citrus terpenes and has a very sun-kissed & soft flavor. It tastes like that orange candy or soda that leaves you wanting another taste.

Compared to Umami Vapes or Lune Laboratories Terp Sauce Vapes, these are made with 99% CBD isolate and are not full-spectrum. The 99% CBD isolate provides a neutral base flavor so the terpenes pop with a bold flavor. Umami Vape and Terp Sauce Vapes have a richer herbal flavor that comes from the full-spectrum extracts we use to make them.

Terpene Effects:

Tropical Blast terpenes are energizing and stimulating.


CBD Isolate, Botanical Extracts, MCT Oil*, A touch of PEG**