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Vape Cartridge - Terp Sauce
Vape Cartridge - Terp Sauce
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Vape Cartridge - Terp Sauce

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Lune Laboratories Terp Sauce CBD Vape Carts – Hemp Terp Sauce – Batch No. 2

Lune Labs is our newest line of hemp extracts, created to bring you the most cutting edge research and development projects we’ve been working on. Grangie’s years of experience in cannabis extraction has led to some exciting creations like hemp Live Resin, Terp Sugar, and Distillate Sugar. He always has something fun up his sleeve and it’s time to bring these new extracts to the fam!

Lune Labs Terp Sauce Vape Carts are made with full spectrum hemp and botanical terpenes crafted by our founder, Grangie. The Terp Sauce tech is the product of Grangie’s research and development in cannabinoid recrystallization. It is a high-CBD extract drenched in a terpene extraction just like your favorite dispensary’s terp sauce. Check out the photos to see what this extract looked like before we filled the vape carts!

Cannabinoid Contents:

  • Approximately 300mg of full spectrum cannabinoids per .5 ml cartridge.


  • .5 ml
  • High concentration of terpenes
  • 510 Threaded Cart fits with many different batteries.
  • Ceramic heating element provides ideal heat and a smooth hit.
  • Ceramic mouthpiece.
  • Battery not included.


Berries and lemon with undertones of pine. A subtle sweetness with earthy notes.


High CBD Full Spectrum terp Sauce, MCT Oil*, a touch of PEG**
*We believe MCT is one of the better thinning agents for CBD hashes and extracts. The molecules in MCT oil are small enough that they are quickly absorbed into the body. We will be offering other brands which utilize different thinning agents so you will be able to choose the vape mix that’s right for you. We understand there is a lot of confusion around vape thinning agents and as a company PhytoFamily seeks to provide you with a wide array of high quality and affordable options.