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Vape Cartridge - High CBG Full Spectrum (1 ml)

Vape Cartridge - High CBG Full Spectrum (1 ml)

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PhytoResin High CBG Wax Vape Cart: 10:1 Ratio of CBD:CBG

Our new High CBG-CBD Vape Cart is made with PhytoFamily’s High CBG Wax from the Spectrum Strain. The process we use to make this wax produces a high terpene full spectrum extract.  This batch has a 10:1 Ratio of CBD to CBG. There are no added terpenes—only the pure hemp terpenes present in the Spectrum hemp strain source material. The ceramic heating element and ceramic mouthpiece make for a cleaner vape with more even heat distribution.

Cannabinoid Content:

These carts contain a high concentration of other hemp phytochemicals including flavonoids and terpenes from the hemp extracts we make them with.

  • .5 ml cart = 200mg CBD and 20 mg CBG
  • 1 ml cart = 400mg CBD and 40 mg CBG


  • 10:1 Ratio of CBD to CBG
  • Made with the Spectrum hemp strain
  • Colorado hemp
  • 510 Threaded Cart fits with many different batteries.
  • Ceramic heating element provides ideal heat and a smooth hit.
  • Ceramic mouthpiece.