Full Spectrum Concentrate
Full Spectrum Concentrate
Full Spectrum Concentrate
Full Spectrum Concentrate

Super CBD x Sugar Pine Kush x Double Cherry Wax

Amount: 1 Gram
1 Gram
Product description

A trifecta collaboration between 3 indoor strains - Super CBD, Sugar Pine Kush, and Double Cherry. This hydrocarbon extract is full spectrum, high in CBD, CBG and THCa.

Compatible with the Puffco, concentrate vaporizer or quartz nail.

CBD: 51.31%

CBG: 21.20%

THCa: 2.68%

Total Cannabinoids: 87.03%

Terpenes: 4.11%

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
This is 10/10

The terps on this are not as "bright" as the space glue terps but I still LOVE THIS.

Has a very dank smell and taste, love. Effects are... excellent.

Sean Campbell
Shocked and impressed. 🔥

This concentrate compares to my dispensary grade delta 9 thc rosin from Maine…
This is without a doubt in my mind the best company for cbd concentrates that are REAL with actual effects for once. I was looking for a good source of cbd wax since everything is boof literally everywhere I go and I’ve been shopping cbd wax for about two years now almost 3 these guys ACTUALLY know what theyre doing. Also I just wanna add this is the first cbd concentrate I’ve ordered and it actually looks like the picture… I’m literally blown away and will forever be shopping here. Thank you hemp hop you guys are awesome!

Joshua mullins
Love the smell

Came in like 2 days to Columbus Ohio.best smelling wax i have ever smelled.looks nice.like that it has cbd cbg and high thca with alot of terps.have not tryed let but hemp hop always has very strong stuff.kind of scared to try.i would use just a very small amount.great work