Special Sauce Live Resin High THCa Vape Cartridge

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Special Sauce Live Resin High THCa Vape Cartridge

Looking for an uplifting and citrusy THC vape cartridge? Meet Special Sauce Live Resin. A premium line of vape cartridges that contain pure live resin extract. 

High in THCa at 39.49%, and rare Terpenes like the soothing Cedrol and the sedative Nerolidol! The terpene profile is inherited from the flower, with an orange citrusy taste and strong hit!


1 gram- Live Resin filled in an All Ceramic cartridge with no metals to create a pleasant experience from start to finish.

Don't miss out on this exceptional THCa cartridge - grab one today!

Special Sauce Vape Cartridge Cannabinoids

  • Total Cannabinoids: 68.00%

  • CBDa: 28.05%

  • THCa: 39.49%


***Battery NOT Included***

Recommended to be used with a high quality battery such as Yocan Uni Pro. The thicker consistency requires adjustable voltage and/or preheating of the cartridge to function ideally.

Customer Reviews

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John Keating
An absolute revelation

These vape cartridges are absolutely amazing, and I hope to see this concoction being incorporated into every one of the live resin strains! As someone who has been an avid consumer of both Hemp Hop's live resin, and THC-O products, I was so intrigued when I stumbled across this newcomer the other day; 30% CBD, + 42% THC-O. The effects are absolutely sublime. When I placed my two orders in this last week, only the half-grams were available, suffice to say I am STOKED that the team has begun to produce full grams.

I have been bringing all of my business to this fantastic, family owned, company for almost two years now and I can wholeheartedly say, what a fantastic product. Thank you all for this amazing medicine.