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CBD E-juice - 500mg CBD
CBD E-juice - 500mg CBD

CBD E-juice - 500mg CBD

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Bhang Terpzilla CBD in 2 flavors:  Orange Dream, Granddaddy Grape E-Liquid for Vape

0% Nicotine. 100% Flavor. Intense and incredible vaping experience made from cannabis-derived terpenes. You get the taste of your favorite cannabis strain in an e-liquid with 500 mg of CBD per bottle!

Available in 2 highly delicious flavors: Orange Dream, and Granddaddy Grape

This e-juice provides a hefty dose of CBD and cannabis derived terpenes for a quality experience.

Orange Dream has Tangerine Dream terpenes. Some users may experience enhanced energy and mood and clear mental fog.

Grand Daddy Grape contains Grand Daddy Purple terpenes which may make some users feel sleepy and relaxed.