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Live Resin *Special Process*
Live Resin *Special Process*

Live Resin *Special Process*

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Lune Laboratories Hemp Live Resin – Synergy Edition CBD Dabs – Amnesia Haze & OG Terpenes

Lune Laboratories Live Resin is a high terpene extract made from hemp that has been cryogenically frozen fresh from the fields. 

This is a very limited Beta Release! High in Cannabigerol (CBG) and Cannabicitran (CBT)!

The Live Resin process preserves a higher concentration of terpenes than any other process. This top shelf extraction process originated in Colorado and has taken the west coast by storm, producing some of the dankest terpiest extracts with beautiful crystallization of the cannabinoids.

We use the same extraction process as medical marijuana dispensaries, except our Live Resin comes from Cherry Strain hemp! This Live Resin comes from our very own fields here in Southern Colorado and was grown without the use of pesticides. Live Resin is produced by freezing the plants fresh from the fields without drying them. This preserves a higher concentration of phytochemicals and a different range of terpenes than extracts produced from dried hemp. The drying process oxidizes the terpenes resulting in a different flavor and profile than fresh frozen Live Resin.



Floral, sweet, and minty with light earthy and leafy notes. Our terpenes have soft layers of flavor that intermingle with the pure hemp terpenes that are preserved in our live resin. It has a soft mouthfeel and slight nutty undertones that comes from the live resin process.


This profile is high in linalool and myrcene.

Myrcene is an earthy but sweet terpene. It’s found in many plants including hops, bay leaf, mango, lemongrass, and thyme. Myrcene is know to be sedating and calming. It has also been found to have anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing capabilities. Myrcene is commonly found in cannabis strains that are used recreationally for pain and inflammation.

Linalool is a citrusy, floral terpene. It’s found in over 200 different plants but is most commonly known for being in the lavender plant. Lavender is known to be soothing and calming and has been used for centuries in traditions like aromatherapy. Linalool is renowned for its anti-inflamatory and pain-reducing capabilities. Linalool is commonly found in cannabis strains that are used recreationally for sedation and anxiety, and medically as anti-depressants and for anti-anxiety. Linalool also has strong anticonvulsive properties. Some strains high in Linalool include LA Confidential, Grape Ape and Grand Daddy Purple.